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Bottle of Wipe'n'Spray

Wipe N' Spray™

Pyranha Wipe N' Spray is a pyrethrum-based formula that is applied directly on the animal. This ready-to-use product provides fly protection and imparts a high shine to the hair when brushed out. A favorite of show horse owners, effective protection results from only 2 ounces per head. Wipe N' Spray is citronella scented and contains lanolin as a coat conditioner. Kills and repels biting flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. Available in 4 oz trail-size, quart, and gallon sizes.


Pyranha Insecticide™

Pyranha Insecticide is an equine aerosol that has been on the market since 1973! This product is citronella scented. Brushing the animal after an application will bring out a bright, lustrous shine. Pyranha Insecticide has been used by champions all over the country for maximum fly control just before entering the show ring. Available in 15 oz aerosol can.

Equine Spray & Wipe™

Our water-based formula is quickly becoming a stable favorite among horse owners. It won't attract dust and grime like oil-based products and offers long-lasting protection against a wide array of insects. Available in 4 oz trail-size, quart, and gallon sizes.
zero bite

Zero-Bite®Natural Insect Spray

Fly control the way Mother Nature intended. The goodness of natural products such as geraniol, clove and peppermint combine to bring you mother nature's most powerful natural fly fighter. Discover this natural alternative to traditional fly sprays where you buy fly spray.

zero bite


Pyranha Legacy Fly Spray is easy and convenient for use directly on animals and premises. Water-based. Kills and repels bot flies, mosquitoes, stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, house flies, horn flies, face flies, ticks, gnats, lice and fleas. Also kills deer ticks that may carry Lyme Disease.


This aqueous equine insecticide spray features a ready-to-use, citronella scented formula. It won’t attract dust and grime like oil-based products and offers protection against a wide array of insects. Nulli-Fly® can be wiped or sprayed on horses. This value-priced product is sure to be your next favorite. Available in quart size.


Equine Roll On

Sweat and waterproof with a quick knockdown!

Pyranha Equine Roll-On is a water-based, citronella-scented formula used in situations where spraying or wiping on fly repellent is inconvenient. Quick knockdown with 3 active ingredients.

Pyranha® Detangler

Provides soft luxurious coat on horses as well as dogs. Helps control tangles and keeps hair manageable. Moisturizes and conditions as it detangles while repelling dirt and dust.

Shine Baby Shine

Shine Baby Shine is a coat conditioner that leaves a show ring shine every time! Shine Baby Shine is enriched with a multi formula blend.

The product provides a sweet and soothing fragrance Jasmine and Sandalwood extracts.

Pyranha® Aloe Pro Shampoo

Concentrated Formula, A Little Goes A Long Way!
Pyretherin Shampoo

Pyrethrin Shampoo™

Pyranha Pyrethrin Shampoo is an insecticidal shampoo rich in coconut conditioners that aid in building body, luster and groomability to the coat of your animal. It controls stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, face flies, gnats and mosquitoes on horses. For dogs and cats it is effective against fleas, ticks and lice when used as directed. Pyrethrin Shampoo is available in the 4 oz trail-size, 12 oz or quart bottle.

Odaway® Ready-to-Use

Biodegradable non-toxic formulation that offers complete neutralization of unpleasant odors by modifying odors (including skunk odor) at the source, without heavy perfuming. Odaway absorbs and destroys odor on contact while leaving the air fresh and clean. Odaway odor absorber controls a wide range of odors and is ideal for use in barns and livestock areas, as well as for common odors in the home. Odaway can be misted in the air or applied directly to the source of unwanted odors. Available in 4 oz, 15 oz BOV (continuous spray) and quart sizes.

Pyranha® Fly Mask & Sheets

Designed through extensive research to be the ultimate in comfort and fit for your horse.

Pyranha® Rub and Scrub Grooming Gloves

The perfect combination of scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms.

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